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Blanketweed Treatments - The Pitfalls

Don't kill everything in your pond with the wrong chemicals!
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Each bag will treat up to 20,000 gallons. A bag (size of your hand) weighs 450 grams and can be simply thrown into the pond. The plastic dissolves releasing a trillion freeze dried bacteria.
These destroy the Blanket Weed and clarify the water. Harmless to all flora and fauna except Blanket Weed - Wonderful results !!!

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"Hello Gavin, I just wanted to let you know that I received your product last Monday and put it into my lake the very same evening. It has been a week and I can let you know that 90% of the algae has completely disappeared!!!

You have no idea how delighted I am and this wont be the last you hear from me! Thank you for your input and service, appreciated more than you know. I would be very happy to give a testimonial for your website if you would like.

Best regards, Ian"

The Removal and Treatment of Blanketweed

The Dept of the Environment have effectively banned all chemical treatments to kill Blanket Weed. Some proprietary brands are still sold in Europe but the favoured method of Blanket Weed control is the use of “natural” methods. The simplest of these “natural” treatments is to stock the pond with plants and animals that actively consume blanket weed or compete for the same food. This would establish a natural equilibrium in the pond but in practice would limit the number of fauna and flora making the pond less of an ornamental feature.

Other non chemical removal methods include the aggressive use of metallic ions such as copper which if not dosed correctly can kill fish and plants. Still other natural methods using barley straw have varied results but in many cases the Blanket Weed will develop an immunity and often re-appears with a vengeance and does not respond any more to this type of treatment.

A pond infested with blanket weedSame blanket weed infested pond after treatment




We have been treating Blanket Weed in ponds and lakes for 12 years with excellent results. We advocate the use of Green Lightning Treatment. Green Lightning contains dried bacteria designed to utilise nutrients favoured by Blanket Weed (and the other weeds listed on our home page).

Cell before Green Lightning Treatment Cell after Green Lightning Treatment

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