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Blanket Weed Removal

All you need to know about blanketweed and how to treat and remove it
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“Green Lightning is absolutely wonderful and we now have no blanket weed at all. I have recommended it to my brother in law and would be very pleased to do the same for anyone else who is cursed by the dreaded weed. You have a truly wonderful product in Green Lightning. When I think how much money we wasted on other powders and chemicals over the years when all the time you offered the remedy. I would be very happy to recommend your fantastic product to anyone”

Berlyne & Pamela Hamilton

Pond Keeping Advice

A blanketweed free pond

One of the catalysts for Blanket Weed is fish excrement and ammonia so overfeeding fish will cause the weed to grow faster. In general most fish will eat everything they are given so it is essential to try and feed only what is necessary. Try NOT to pull out blanket weed unless really prolific because the spores produced by the weed are then released into the pond and cause more weed to grow.

Make sure that fertilisers are not seeping into your pond from nearby fields or lawns. When topping up your pond try and use rainwater if possible as tap water often contains higher mineral contents which also cause the blanket weed to grow more quickly

Blanket Weed also likes bright sunlight to photosynthesise and fast shallow water since this becomes well oxygenated and again increases weed growth.

Other methods of getting rid of blanket weed naturally, which are recommended, are the insertion of a bag of Zeolite, which absorbs ammonia. Be sure to change the bag at least once a month.

Natural-Balance: If you did nothing to your pond at all and never fed your fish equilibrium would be established as happens in nature. This would result in a few fish surviving and the water becoming populated with a variety of flora and fauna. There would most likely be very little if any blanket weed. It is therefore in most cases the upsetting of nature’s equilibrium which causes excessive weed and we have attempted on this site to show you how you can attempt to naturally restore equilibrium by using natural and totally safe methods.



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