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Blanket Weed Removal

All you need to know about blanketweed and how to treat and remove it
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Splendid Products

We have had many kind remarks over the effectiveness of our GREEN LIGHTNING Products with many customers telephoning us to voice their sheer delight and satisfaction at having finally removed the blanketweed from their ponds. Some have put pen to paper and below are a few extracts from some of those customers.

R Bennett

"I have been using green lightning over the past 2 years having tried just about every other product on the market to control algae.

When the pond was at a stage where one could not see the fish for blanketweed I decided as a last resort to try this product. Needless to say it was not a miracle cure immediately. However with a couple of treatments I could at last see improvement.

I now use this on an average twice a year with excellent results. The fish, a couple of which I have had for 18 years, are thriving. This year the fish have bred and we now have 5 young ones which are coming on very well. So thank you 'Green Lightning'"

Mark Green

"Gavin hi I should have e-mailed you earlier to thank you for the two tubs of green lightning you sent to me just after Easter. They arrived promptly and I brewed and introduced one tub to my pond earlier this week
I am delighted to say that the "Spawn of Satan" (Blanket Weed) is already disintegrating and I am really pleased with the results so far."

Berlyne & Pamela Hamilton of Manor Park London says,

“Green Lightning is absolutely wonderful and we now have no blanket weed at all. I have recommended it to my brother in law and would be very pleased to do the same for anyone else who is cursed by the dreaded weed. You have a truly wonderful product in Green Lightning. When I think how much money we wasted on other powders and chemicals over the years when all the time you offered the remedy. I would be very happy to recommend your fantastic product to anyone” (We do not have the telephone number!)

Brian Robertshaw of Norfolk.

“I use Green Lightning* regularly and it has completely done away with my Blanket Weed. It is really great stuff” (please see section on Green Lightning)

MaryClare Loretan, Koi Carp Magazine Switzerland

"An unmitigated success, and I would like you to pass this on to other Koi Carp readers who may be plagued by pond weed as I was"

MR JL Allen, West Mersea Essex

"Weed Buster is a product I strongly recommend"

Selva-Nattional Institute of Education, Singapore

"We have finally solved our problem with your product. The Koi are looking great and the water crystal clear. All I can say is that is one fantastic product'"

T Adams

"No more straw bales for me"

Mr M.T. May

"I am extremely pleased that good old fashioned customer care is still about in some companies and I look forwards to using your upgraded product."

Elizabeth Lumley

"BRILLIANT PRODUCT   - Last year we had a huge blanket weed problem which nothing would make any difference. I found Green Lightning online and ordered some. It seemed expensive but we were desperate. At first the water went cloudy and we thought it was another failure, but we persevered. After the third treatment the water turned crystal clear. The blanket weed turned spongy and just fell away. We are still using the original pack and the water has remained crystal clear. I am so glad I found Green Lightning! I highly recommend this to anyone with a pond! "

Probably the Number One Blanket Weed and Sludge removers in the World!
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