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A Product that Removes Blanketweed Successfully

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BRILLIANT PRODUCT - "Last year we had a huge blanket weed problem which nothing would make any difference. I found Green Lightning online and ordered some. It seemed expensive but we were desperate. At first the water went cloudy and we thought it was another failure, but we persevered. After the third treatment the water turned crystal clear. The blanket weed turned spongy and just fell away. We are still using the original pack and the water has remained crystal clear. I am so glad I found Green Lightning! I highly recommend this to anyone with a pond!"

Elizabeth Lumley


The “NATURAL” Blanket Weed Killer TOTALLY SAFE TO FISH & PLANTS (except Blanket Weed!)

A pond infested with blanket weedSame blanket weed infested pond after treatment

One Bag Treats 10,000 gallons (46m³)

See below for full usage instructions and details

NB: Green Lightning Products are only available in the quantities shown below.
Packaging may differ from illustrations shown.

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Please note that the Green Lightning Products are only available in the quantities shown
Ideal Period of use

APPLICATION: Think of Green Lightning as a course of medicine which first cures and then prevents Blanket Weed by further application. In most cases the weed disappears entirely.


Volume in Gallons Volume in M³ Use now Use every 30 Days
2,500 12 1/4 bag 1/4 bag
5,000 24 1/3 bag 1/3 bag
10,000 46 1 bag 1/2 bag
22,000 100 1 bag 1 bag
44,000 200 2 bags 1 bag
66,000 300 3 bags 2 bags
88,000 400 4 bags 2 bags
110,000 500 5 bags 3 bags
132,000 600  6 bags 3 bags
154,000 700 7 bags 4 bags
176,000 800 8 bags 4 bags
198,000 900 9 bags 5 bags
220,000 1000 10 bags 5 bags
One Acre = 4000 Square Metres requires 30 bags now and 15 per month until clear. In calculating the volume of water to be treated we have assumed an average depth of ONE METER but for water of a greater depth you will need additional treatment. Add 50% more for every additional 500 cm

Helpful hints: In hot weather you MUST keep your pond aerated. Use a fountain or other method to keep oxygen in the water. TURN OFF your Ultra Violet Lamps when using Green Lightning as the bacteria in it will otherwise not survive.

    • Controls swimming or floating unicellular and filamentous algae
    • Improves clarity of water and reduces unpleasant odours within days of treatment
    • Does not affect the balance of the environment in which it is applied
    • Hydrosoluble single dose sachets make application very easy
    • Optimum water temperature 10 degrees Centigrade
    • Optimum pH 5.5 – 8.0

COMPLETELY SAFE TO FISH AND ALL AQUATIC FAUNA and flora including grasses and di-cotyledons. Available in 450g water soluble sachets (suitable for ponds up to 22,000 gallons) Consists of about a TRILLION bacteria ready brewed which can be added to the pond instantly.

Simply throw the sachet into the centre of the pond or where the Blanket Weed is growing and the bacteria will discourage the Blanket Weed and clarify the water. If you wish to part use the sachet then be sure to keep what you don’t use in a dry place. You will need a boat for larger ponds and lakes to reach the middle area.

Smaller Pond Treatment

As you will see a single 450 gram bag of Green Lightning is the smallest size we sell and so, for smaller ponds, you can use less. The recommended doses are listed above but please remember to store the unused Green Lightning in a dry place. Where the water temperature is low put chosen contents into a bucket of warm water and leave over-night in a warm environment. Next day tip the contents into your pond. Repeat every 2-3 weeks until all the contents are used. .


Green Lightning is fast-acting microbial product for use in static and slow moving water. It effectively controls swimming or floating unicellular and filamentous algae. Including Cladophera, Rhizoclonium, Spirogyra (common Blanket Weed), Vaucheria and Ulothrix. It improves the clarity of water and reduces unpleasant odours within days of treatment.

Green Lightning comes in  a powder consisting of freeze dried bacteria set on cereal food. (bran)

This “natural” method includes the use of safe (non-pathogenic) bacteria. It contains strains belonging the Bacillus genus and includes both aerobic and facultatively anaerobic strains.

These bacteria actively remove nutrients required by the main filamentous algae in the pond such as Spirogyra, Cladophera, Rhizoclonium,Vaucheria and Ulothrix for any excessive waste derivates such as fat, oil and grease, proteins, sugars, starch and cellulose. They also consume Nitrates, dissolved Ammonia and Phosphates. The bacteria remove theses very basic components required by Blanket Weed and the water becomes clearer. Any unpleasant odour is generally removed too. These “good” bacteria do not however have an effect direct effect on single cell algae and blue-green algae such as Microcystis. Microcystis Aerugynosa is a member of the Cyanobacteria and can produce harmful toxins to both fish and land animals. Fortunately in ornamental ponds an Ultraviolet Light can kill these single cell algae.

An environmentally efficient algae treatment in static and slow moving water. The tried and tested answer to the removal and prevention of Blanket Weed.

450g water soluble bag treats up to 20,000 gallons and can be used to treat smaller ponds. SIMPLY THROW THE BAG INTO THE POND and the water soluble plastic will dissolve. Contains approximately a TRILLION ready brewed freeze dried bacteria which rapidly act to remove BLANKETWEED nutrients and clarify the water. Each water soluble bag can be held in the palm of your hand.

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